Friday, January 7, 2011

I've been saying I'd blog... so here it goes

Ok- lets start at the beginning...
It was a warm fall evening in Richmond, Texas- a Tuesday I believe- it must have been because I was not playing trivia... I had just completed a culinary masterpiece of microwaved chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs when the phone rang! Little did I know that this call was going to change my life forever. Ok thats mostly BS except for the possible Tuesday and the nuggets...
I needed a change in a serious kind of way and one of my very best friends had been trying to get me to come visit him in NYC for months... so I decided all of a sudden to do one better and move there. I mean really, what did I have going on in Texas besides a job and a cute house and awesome friends? Ugh, who wouldn't think twice about packing it up and moving 2000 miles away to start over? Aaaaaanyway, I broke it gently to the folks who were more than supportive from the start (and by supportive I mean terrified and tearful.) Then I started telling other ppl... co-workers, friends, strangers in the check-out at Target, my dentist, the cop writing me a hefty speeding ticket... and everyone just stared at me in disbelief. Nobody thought I would really do it. Well if that wasn't motivation in itself... :)
The day finally came where Buddy flew in, we packed up my house in a week- which I really should have been doing in the months before, but come on- it's me... and held a last minute garage sale. Next thing I know we are renting our luxury ride (a 16ft Budget Truck- holla!) and loading that baby up for a cross country adventure.
Saying goodbye was tough. My family, my babies, my bestest friend... I teared up a good bit.
October 9, 2010- we set out- Buddy, me, and Billy the dog... I think we only had to make one unscheduled stop and the only place around was a sex shop called the Lion's Den. Hilarious. We didn't shop. We made it to Mississippi the first night and camped out. Setting up a tent in pitch black wilderness is not easy. Nor is sleeping in a tent with a dog. Day two/three- got up and made our way to the Smokey Mountains (which I kept referring to as the Rocky Mountains and most ppl thought I was an idiot. That's fair.) I think this was the day we lost the gas cap and had to find an auto parts store... We did two days/nights in Smokeys- hiked, camped, drank, started fires with questionably obtained cedar- pretty much had an amazing time. Day four- parted ways with the Smokeys and headed towards Gettysberg. We camped out at Little Round Top and did historical stuff the next day. Very cool little town! From there it was only 4 hours to NYC! Well, it should have been but New Jersey is a shithole and so confusing that we backtracked for about half and hour until finally making it accross a bridge or tunnel or something... $16 for a damn toll by the way. We arrived at home after 5 days of not showering and sleeping on the ground... and then had to unpack a crapload of stuff. An entire apartments worth of stuff...


  1. That's fucking Awesome your in NYC! The boss (wife) and I have been wanting to vist NYC but we wouldn't know where to go to have a good time besides all the usual tourist traps. Maybe someday we can go and you'll show us around?!?

  2. Yall should come visit! I might know my way around by then :)