Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ultimate Puzzle

The time had come. No relaxation between driving and unloading. Thank jebus the first amazing thing I learned about New York is that you can hit up a bodega at anytime of night to restock on beer. So let the unloading party begin!
Let me give you a little insight into what we had packed in the truck- a full-sized couch, a large leather chair complete with ottoman (with one stray wheel- very annoying), 2 mattresses, 2 boxsprings, 3 dressers, a full-sized entertainment center, a small entertainment center, a 6ft bookshelf, all of my clothes and shoes, all pots and pans and plates, bowls, glasses, crockpot, toaster, liquor... blah blah blah an entire kitchen, all towels and washcloths and shampoos... same story- entire bathroom, a billion DVDs and most importantly... the Wii and Playstation with all necessary games and Guitar Hero hook-ups. Would you believe it that we didn't break a damn thing? I was super impressed.
Sooooo we got everything into the apartment, and then we just stood there. Mostly because we had no room to move. Luckily I kick ass at Tetris, so one at a time, we were able to move couches and dressers to make it to the kitchen or bathroom. We were up for over 24 hours and finally got a decent amout of crap in an appropriate spot... Night  one in NYC (it was probably the afternoon really)- I sleep happily in my own bed while looking out my own window onto my own fire escape. Then I realize- great- this is a Law and Order SVU episode about to happen... but then I didn't care because I was SO DAMN TIRED.
I don't believe I mentioned this before- but Buddy had to do all the work when it came to finding an apartment, and he could not have done any better! Our apartment is WONDERFUL! Everything fits well and its easy. So what if my room is the size of your closet? :)

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