Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where are you from?

I am glad to say that when I'm in conversation with new people, they don't immediatly ask me how things were back on the ranch or if I rode a horse to work. Growing up in Texas didn't taint my speech to a ridiculous degree, thank jebus. I don't hate the state... I grew up there... but I never really had an enormous amount of Texas pride. I don't dig country music, I don't think anyone should wear Wranglers, and I have no interest in cows. I'm not one of those "my state is better than your state" people. All of you with the Texas flag shower curtains or iron stars and deer antlers adorning all your walls and light fixtures- calm down. I respect that that is your style... don't get all puffy because it is not mine. So, I like the fact that people have to ask and can't just guess. Get over it.
Do you know how many people here are actually from Texas? Lots. I know of 3 in my building and I haven't even met everybody. Hmmm looks like the Alamo and unforgivable humidity aren't for everyone...
It was a while before I heard someone with a hard core New York accent. I love it. Everything that comes out of their mouth just sounds so serious- like they really mean it, or they are really angry, or someone is questioning just how much they love their sports teams.
Something that really cracks me up and entertains me to no end is the way people just air all their business out on the street. Girls bitching about their shoes, "Oh my god Shelly, I paid like $300 for these and I just broke an f'n heel in a sewer grate! Ugh! Do you think I can get the city to pay for it? They better!" Truly tragic. Then there was hungry girl, "Oh girl! Did you see the new commercial? Fresh cut potatoes with sea salt! Girl we goin to Wendys! Mmmm Hmmm- yeah girl we goin." Wow. I hope she got her fries. Oh then there was drunk guy getting kicked out of a fried chicken place at 11 a.m. His words were quite jumbled but I'm pretty sure he was denied fried chicken and that upset him greatly. I'm sure on some level we can all feel his pain. Sometimes people just need fried chicken. What's better than the shoe breakers and the hungry folks are the fighting ones. Boyfriends and girlfriends arguing over cabs, his shirt, who is going to carry her bag, where they are supposed to meet her girlfriends, him not wanting to meet her girlfriends, her crappy cooking, his mother, her refusing to go to Long Island, he didn't hold the door long enough, he took a tone so she hit him and he wants to smack her back, he was walking too fast, she ripped his favorite gold chain from his neck, he didn't notice her highlights, she wants him to take more pictures of her in Time Square, it smells outside and she is getting a headache so he needs to shut his Guido mouth up... It is priceless. And loud. 
One day I hope to be causing a care-free scene on the streets of Manhattan and I hope someone gets a kick out of it as I have. Maybe they will blog about it.

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