Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation Continued...

So... when I last left off I was heading to Santa Land- a crazy place oozing the holiday spirit near College Station, TX. I wasn't going for my own personal enjoyment... especially since I was pretty hungover and nothing is better for that than millions of twinkling lights and the smell of funnel cake and horse crap :) I was going with Buddy and his family- taking the kids. They had a blast. The place is pretty cool (and I can only imagine the amount of money they make) and I got to pet a llama... so all in all it was a fantastic night!
I devoted the next day to last minute X-mas shopping with the brother. I have to say- Joseph and I come up with some pretty amazing gift ideas. We always have to throw something funny in the mix... a surprise... a bit of flair! For those of you who know Tony, my pops, you can only imagine the joy he has gotten out of little stocking stuffers like the "positive thoughts keychain" and the oh-so-useful golfball monogrammer! Ha! Oh but I think our best was when we bought some cheesy and cheap lingerie and wrapped it up- of course labling it to our mom from our dad... CLASSIC! The look on their faces was the real gift- and Joseph and I benefited from it most. Ahhhh tis the season! This year we kept it pretty basic... replentish the usuals...
I don't know if yall are aware, but for the last 3-4 years it has become a running joke for my mom to buy the family matching pajamas that we are required to wear on X-mas Eve. It started as a heart-warming fun joke thought up by mom and my aunt but has turned into a tradition. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of it, as well as new pajamas. We put on our pj's, watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, and call it a night. This is a present to my mom (and probably the best one since she loves promoting family togetherness).
Speaking of togetherness... I get my yearful at X-mas time because after we do our thing, we pack up and load into a vehicle and drive 6 hours to Louisiana. This year was especially exciting since my dad decided to be moody and not talk to us from the start. He also didn't seem to hear me when I said I was hungry or had to pee. We were allowed those luxuries when he was damn well ready. We never found out the reason for his increasing unpleasantness but as soon as we got to my aunt's he was allll smiles.
Both sides of the family are in LA and Christmas with each couldn't be more different. Not that one side is more enjoyable or anything- it's open bar vs. dumplings... tough call. We do the hugs and the "how are yous,"  re-address all the inside jokes, bring up embarassing memories, and make promises to see eachother more than once a year (which we never keep). After a day with each side we loaded back up and started the journey back. Dad resumed his silence, Mom read, Joseph gamed, and I bitched :) GOOD TIMES!

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