Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fairytale Homecoming

As soon as I landed in Houston I noticed I had a voicemail from my brother, Joseph. He has such a way with words... It said, "Hey Sara (in a dull and irritated tone that lasted the entire message)- where the hell are you? Your plane landed early. We are at baggage claim. Hurry up." So I took my sweet time getting to baggage claim... with that kind of motivation who could blame me? And there I see him- sweatpants, camo jacket, trucker hat, Crocs and socks- my fashion savvy little bro :) He didn't get up- just chewed on his toothpick. I knew he was just trying to act cool... but I could see him fighting back the tears of happiness to see me. HAHAHA! "I didn't know you were going to be here to pick me up!" I said. Joseph cut his eyes at me and replied, "Well I wasn't planning on coming home until tomorrow but mom made me leave early so I could be here. For you." Once again, HAHAHAHAHA! I didn't see my mom anywhere, then Joseph pointed her out- she was standing in an athletic position in front of the escalator she was sure I would be riding up to baggage claim- camera ready. It was really cute. So I went and waited for my bag. 10 minutes later I was ready so I walked up to her- still eyeballing the escalator poised and ready. She was so excited. There were tears and hugs and camera flashes. Then she told Joseph to carry my bag. HAHAHAHAHA! We start walking out and I expected to head to the parking lot- but no- mom had also made dad come on the pick-up so it was a full on family affair. While they were inside he went and picked up breakfast sandwiches and juice for us.
I really wanted to get home and take a nap... but it was only 11 a.m. so everyone else was ready to go. I had to go see my kiddos first thing- I missed them! I was so worried they wouldn't remember me- it wasn't that I had been gone soooo long, but come on- little people change their favorites daily and I had to defend my title from over 2,000 miles away! It was the best seeing all of them when I pulled into the driveway. Elly came running and yelling my name. Addy acted like she wasn't sure it was me- she kept touching my face. But then I couldn't put either one of them down. Emma and Will showed me the new puppy and wanted piggy-back rides like old times. It was perfect.
I was so ready to nap after that but mom and I went shopping instead. Joseph and dad stayed home and napped. Really? Mom and I had a good time. And then she informed me that there would be Caesar salad and boudin for dinner. HOLY CRAP! WHAT A GREAT DAY SO FAR! And it was a Monday. Do you know what that means? TRIVIA AT EINSTEIN'S!!!!!
Joseph, his buddy Kevin, me, and Buddy all piled up and headed to Einstein's. We were meeting up with a group of people and planning for complete domination. We didn't do so hot at the trivia part but I feel like we nailed the socialization and consumption. And really... that's what trivia is all about :) I was most excited to see my bestest friend and partner in crimeTrivia Traci. She hates that name. So I use it as much as I can. I couldn't wait to do my job and help her haul all her heavy ass equipment and make it all fit in the back of her tiny car. And then we drink and throw darts. We are creatures of habit. It was so good to be back.
The next day I was supposed to go shopping again- with the whole family. Needless to say I didn't make that and I had to find a ride home from the Galleria area. My Lizard came to my rescue! My friends are the greatest! She got me home in excellent time and I had time to shower and prepare for my next adventure: Santaland!

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  1. Ummm, one week since your last post is UNACCEPTABLE! This is funny shit. I started one, "Baked Beans, Ivy Leagues, and Charlie Cards"

    Foller it! (that would be a team of "follow" and "holler") Word.