Monday, March 7, 2011

New York New Years 2011

Who doesn't want to be in NYC for New Years??!! Time Square... the giant ball... Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest or whoever the hell they use... (we actually had a major debate if Dick was still alive or not- inconclusive) but anyway- I was gonna be there for it all! I was going to be one of those dunken people blowing whistles, covered in confetti, and making out with strangers on TV! It's really every little girl's dream... But then some of the most upsetting news was made known to me: YOU CAN'T DRINK IN TIME SQUARE ANYMORE! You also go through security and have to be there early early early to get a good spot. Gross. That sounds like no fun- and I only like fun. I got a call from Leighanne saying that they were heading down to TS at 11:00 am to sit... I got a call later to inform me that they had left around 3 pm. Clearly this was not the way to do New Years. I'm sure that some of you reading this are probably getting really worried that my New Years was a bust- but fear not!
Buddy's friend's sister happens to have a bad-ass apartment with an amazing split-level rooftop patio just blocks from Time Square... and we were invited to party there. SCORE! We loaded up with the essentials- a bottle of Jameson and a 2 liter of Diet Coke- and set out. The TS station was packed and there were cops everywhere. Once we finally found an exit we were swept into a sea of people-not moving because some idiots kept yelling there were famous people exiting from limos. We put our heads down and pushed our way through the crowd- pissing people off with every step we took.
The view from the rooftop was perfect. The skyline was all lit up and we could hear the mass celebration. We had a fire pit complete with hotdogs and S'more ingredients, coolers of beer, dance party music going, and beerpong set up. There was no question that 2011 was going to be AMAZING!
I had a blast for sure... I know this because I came home with a bottle of Jack Daniels, glittery 2011 glasses, and the pictures on my phone say so... I also made some new friends according to my pictures :)
New Years Day for us started about 5pm. Hell yeah!

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