Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Suprises

People seem to think that when it snows they don't have to pick up their dog's poop. Well, you know what happens then? Turdsicles. Then the snow starts to melt a little after a few days and it's like walking through a freakin minefield. If anything, picking up frozen doodie should be easier than fresh doodie... just saying.
The snow was so pretty at first- then it turned so nasty. Just gray slush that soaked all pant bottoms and shoes. My favorite was the seemingly solid puddle! That's when the water is the same color as the road so you don't think twice about stepping off the curb- only to find yourself ankle deep in water with chicken bones and bandaids floating in it. It'll ruin your day. I'm also a huge fan of the iced-over incline. This thing of beauty makes you have to walk like an idiot so you don't slip on the frozen sidewalk while heading up or down hill. Your footing never seems stable. You fear busting your ass with every stride. You clench your butt the whole way- you know you do. I like when you do hit an icy patch and slide on one foot for a few seconds- wondering if this is going to be the one... and the jerking motion of your leg is so unexpected that you over-correct and pull a groin muscle. It's ok- you just grab a handfull of snow and ice your pained parts... nobody thinks twice.

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